Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hi! Its Kirk again, here to talk about Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage Month is formally named National Hispanic Heritage Month and is from September 15th to October 15th in the United States. During this time the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the country's history, heritage and culture are recognized. 

Hispanic Heritage Month began as Hispanic Heritage Week and was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968. Under President Reagan in 1988 it was expanded to cover a 30 day period. September 15th was chosen as the starting date because it was the anniversary of the independence of Costa Rica, El Salvedor, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. During this time events are held in New York City, Washington DC, Coachella and in other areas of the United States. 

We hope you join us in celebrating this month of Hispanic heritage, history and culture! 


Kirk Smith

Pan Peru USA 


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What's an Alapca anyway?

Hey Guys!

Its your friendly Community Manager and today I want to talk about alpacas, the animal that we have centered our organization around.


Alpacas are a relative of the camel and were domesticated by the Andean people several thousand years ago for their wool. It is believed that alpacas were developed by selective breeding and heavily influenced by the wild vicuna (another camel-like animal found in South America). A similar mechanism exists between domesticated dogs and wolves.


Alpacas have been known as good companion animals with the ability to learn to lead, sit down and obey other simple commands. Alpacas, of course, are known for their valuable fleeces. Males can produce 8 pounds and females 5 pounds from their coats per year. The fleece that the alpaca produces is lightweight, strong, lustrous, high in its insulation value and is resistant to rain and snow.

Kirk Smith

Community Manager for Pan Peru USA

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Alpaca Pan Peru’s First Blog!

Hi! Welcome to the first blog post of Alpaca Pan Peru! I hope that this blog will serve to educate and update our readers with regard to what our organization is doing. Currently, we are the midst of building an organization in which to further develop our website and social media arms. Several new additions to the team are myself Kirk, brother of Julia, who is mainly in charge of upkeep of the website and two additional team members Paloma and Reina, who are mainly in charge of our social media arm.

Just a reminder here are some of the resources that we have currently.


Social Media

We look forward to updating you as Alpaca Pan Peru continues to develop!

Kirk Smith

Community Manager for Pan Peru USA