I live in the Pampas Grande district, I’m married, and I have four school-aged daughters. Our primary source of income is farming and herding, which is only enough to feed us and cover some basic expenses. Knitting is something that I enjoy doing, and my dream is to be able to produce and sell clothes, using the profits to improve my daughters’ nutrition, clothing, and education. My specialties are crocheting and knitting sweaters, scarves, caps, and quilts. Sweaters take ten days to make, caps take a day, scarves take two days, and mittens and booties take one day.


I’m separated from my husband and I’m responsible for supporting my son while he is in technical school in Lima. I’m participating in the Pan Peru program, which is a massive help for our monetary situation. My dream is to turn my knitting projects into a productive activity, which is uncommon here. I crochet and knit sweaters (ten days), caps (one day), scarves (two days), mittens (half-day), and booties (one day).


I got engaged when I was very young—twenty years old. I’m a housekeeper and I help my husband farm. We’re currently responsible for three kids, and the main difficulty our family faces is the lack of opportunities to improve our monetary situation. Fortunately, the Knitting Women Project gives us hope of turning our hard work and dedication into the development of the families and women that are taking part. I’m passionate about knitting and crocheting, and I can make sweaters in ten days, scarves in three days, mittens in a half-day, and booties in one day.


I’ve been knitting for many years—my mother taught me when I was just a girl—and I now see it as an opportunity to contribute to my family’s income. The objective of Pan Peru’s Knitting Women Project is to consolidate the production of different articles of clothing into a small business and sell to those who want to support us. I can knit sweaters in ten days.


Knitting is an exciting hobby that I use to support the cost of raising my young children. My days consist of raising young animals and occasionally working on farms to help pay for basic expenses like food, education, and medicine for my children. I consider myself a crocheting and knitting entrepreneur, selling high-quality articles of clothing to whoever wants them. I can make a sweater in ten days, a cap in one, a scarf in two, and mittens in one.


By knitting, I’ve been able to dedicate my free time to an activity that has provided sweaters, scarves, vests, and other articles of clothing for my eight children for years. It is now an activity to which I dedicate most of my time. The Pampas Grande Knitting Women Project is a project which, thanks to our hard work and the selfless help of Pan Peru, is creating a team of women capable of producing high quality clothing. I like to crochet quilts and create custom-made designs for the client. I can also knit sweaters in ten days, caps in two, scarves in five, and booties in five.


The main economic activities in Pampas Grande are farming and herding, which cover the families’ basic costs. I’m the mother of three children whom I provide with education, food, medicine, and clothing. I also belong to the Pan Peru Knitting Women Project, which gives us the opportunity to maximize on our ability to knit to make and sell different articles of clothing. I like to knit and crochet all the different pieces, but especially the sweaters (ten days), caps (one day), scarves (two days), booties (one day), and mittens (three hours).


I’m the mother of a young daughter, and I am responsible for her education, health, food, and anything else she needs. I love knitting, and it’s a productive activity that greatly helps the mothers in the Pan Peru Knitting Women Project, which has helped us create a team capable of producing sweaters in ten days, vests in eight days, caps and beanies in one day, and other pieces according to the season. My specialty is knitting each of the pieces and designing shapes and words on my projects.


I help my husband on the farm and in caring for the animals, which are the only sources of income we have to support my two children’s education and my elderly mother, who lives with us. Knitting allows me to contribute to our family’s income.  I like to crochet and knit sweaters, caps, vests, booties, and other pieces. The Knitting Women Project has taught me a lot, and I would like to keep learning and keep improving the quality of my products.


I’m responsible for two children—one already in higher education and the second preparing to apply—and my husband’s job isn’t enough to support us. Pan Peru has helped gather a group of knitting mothers to form a productive team that works daily to improve our knitting. I’m very passionate about knitting and crocheting sweaters, caps, beanies, booties, mittens, vests, as well as other pieces.