What's an Alapca anyway?

Hey Guys!

Its your friendly Community Manager and today I want to talk about alpacas, the animal that we have centered our organization around.


Alpacas are a relative of the camel and were domesticated by the Andean people several thousand years ago for their wool. It is believed that alpacas were developed by selective breeding and heavily influenced by the wild vicuna (another camel-like animal found in South America). A similar mechanism exists between domesticated dogs and wolves.


Alpacas have been known as good companion animals with the ability to learn to lead, sit down and obey other simple commands. Alpacas, of course, are known for their valuable fleeces. Males can produce 8 pounds and females 5 pounds from their coats per year. The fleece that the alpaca produces is lightweight, strong, lustrous, high in its insulation value and is resistant to rain and snow.

Kirk Smith

Community Manager for Pan Peru USA

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